About Homekind

Homekind is a discount deal scheme designed to help you buy essential home items, such as white goods, furniture and electrical products at massively discounted prices. 

The continuing economic recession & rising unemployment are pushing a growing number of households into financial difficulties. A number of new organisations have emerged, making finance available to people at very high rates of interest. So called ‘pay day loans’ are being heavily advertised on TV and radio, and weekly payment stores are becoming an increasingly familiar sight on the UK’s high streets. These lenders offer ‘easy’ borrowing, but often at staggeringly high interest rates. There is escalating concern about the impact this could have on the people who turn to them to finance the things they need.

How Homekind can help?

Homekind aims to offer a credible, responsible alternative to high interest stores and loan sharks. Homekind is a website that offers essential household items, including furniture, electrical items and white goods, at a significant discount from the recommended retail price (RRP), and with access to responsible credit. The price discounts we offer are negotiated with the product supplier on the basis of the potential volume of purchases through the site.

One of the main advantages that Homekind can offer in comparison to most other retail websites is the choice of payment options. For example, if you have a bank account and wish to pay online with a credit or debit card, you can do so. However, for those people who don’t have a bank account – or maybe even those people who just don’t feel comfortable using their card details online – you can print off a barcode, and then make payment in cash at a Paypoint or Post Office.

Homekind also helps to direct you through to your local credit union. Becoming a member of a credit union can provide many benefits, including the option to apply for a low interest loan with affordable repayments.  Credit unions can also help to provide you with advice on financial management, and savings accounts.

Homekind was designed for social housing tenants*, but is open to anyone who wants to buy essential household products with impressive discounts. There is no fee for customers to register with or use Homekind, and no fee for credit unions to be listed on the site. 
Homekind has been developed and delivered by the Northern Housing Consortium (* Northern Housing Consortium is a membership organisation for social housing providers, operating on not-for-profit principles). Please visit www.northern-consortium.org.uk for more information about the Northern Housing Consortium.