Homekindshop.co.uk Is An Ethical Retailer

Homekindshop.co.uk Is An Ethical Retailer

24 November 2016

Homekindshop.co.uk ?An Ethical Retailer

At Homekindshop.co.uk we are a different kind of retailer. Many retailers will tell you that they have ethical policies in place but here at Homekindshop.co.uk we have ethics built into our core values. As part of a not for profit organisation all surplus profits we make go into making affordable housing a better place to live but to make it a reality to people across the UK.

Set up in 2012 by the Northern Housing Consortium as an online store to help social tenants access branded electrical products and furniture at high street prices and promoted credit unions as a means of accessing affordable credit. Earlier this year we changed our name to Homekindshop.co.uk as we were being asked by ethically minded shoppers if they could buy from us too. Now everyone can purchase from Homekindshop.co.uk safe in the knowledge that all surplus profits go towards ensuring affordable housing gets the benefit.

Who is The Northern Housing Consortium?

The Northern Housing Consortium is a not for profit membership organisation whose members are made up of local authorities, ALMOs and associations that provide social housing for tenants. The Northern housing Consortium has in recent years attracted members based outside of the North as, while we have a Northern approach to policy and public affairs, we know that what affects our members and their tenants in the North also effects social housing in the South and Midlands. As an organisation we are committed and passionate about social and financial inclusion, eradicating poverty in any form and making sure all political parties are aware of the need to solve the housing crisis and provide good quality, safe social housing throughout the UK.

How Else Does Homekindshop.co.uk help the wider community?

Since 2013 Homekindshop.co.uk has been supplying welfare schemes run by our members for vulnerable families and individuals with electrical white goods and furniture to make sure they have the basics to survive in their homes.

We promote responsible lending through credit unions and other money charities so that people are aware of the dangers of high interest pay day loans and weekly credit shops. We work with our members to educate their tenants in the benefits of budgeting and not to deal with loan sharks who operate in many social housing estates.

The Homekindshop.co.uk social media and website posts interesting articles across a broad spectrum of topics that interest the general public at large.

So if you want to make a difference to communities across the UK with how you shop take a look at what Homekindshop.co.uk offers and let your shopping make a difference to people lives across the UK.