Make your income go further at Homekind.

Make your income go further at Homekind.

28 November 2017

When buying those essential items for your home - cookers, washers, fridge freezers or furniture, don't turn to weekly payment stores that charge high interest rates and add other costs to your bill such as insurance and admin fees. This inflates the prices you pay and can lead to financial difficulties later on when you can no longer pay the amount back.

Be mindful of an offer for easy credit from someone over the phone or at your door step. Pay day loan companies and high street weekly payment stores often provide loans that are at high rates of interest which means it costs you much more to pay back, particularly if you have been refused a loan in the past.

We are working together with housing organisation, Northampton Partnership Homes and Credit Union, Harvest Money to help local people access affordable loans.

Harvest Money are the local credit union in Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Bedford and offer savings and loan services to people who need access to affordable loans, as well as saving options for regular occasions such as Christmas and Holidays. To access Harvest Money?s website follow this link.

To find out what credit unions are and how they help their local communities, Money Saving Experts website has a comprehensive guide that explains the social benefits of credit unions.

We at Homekindshop are a not for profit retailer, and offer large electrical products and furniture at prices that are much lower than can be found in the weekly payment stores. Once you have chosen your item online we direct you to your local credit union, such as Harvest Money, to apply for an affordable loan. To access the Homekindshop website follow this link

You can potentially save money and build a credit history with us, which will help make your money go further.